Friday, January 24, 2014

Retro life

Mid-century living room, by Viviana Agostinho

Coupe at a drive-in, 1960s

Newsweek, November 23, 1959

Woolworth's Record Department in Utica, New York, 1958

'Technology Meets Pop Culture'

1959 17-inch Sylvania Dualette from Vintage TV Museum

Movie marque in San Jose, California, 1970s

Popular Science, 1977

New Zealand fitness poster, 1940s-1955

Bell Telephone System, 1958

Great Falls, Montana; returning from three-week vacation, July 27, 1964


  1. Coolest and colorful pics of the 50s! Thank you for posting (esp that bathroom!!!)

  2. I really like your photos but thought I should let you know this. The composite of the women and their hairstyles is inaccurate in that the very first picture cannot be from the 1900s. The photo is of F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda (Sayre) Fitzgerald. She and Scott met in college in the early '20s. The picture you have is of her in 1917. The same photo is used on the her page on Wikipedia.

  3. Good morning.'Technology Meets Pop Culture'... Please, has this TV really existed? What was the mark of this model? (Philco, Philips etc)