Monday, August 19, 2013

Sex sells even with old-time packing crates

Before the introduction of Playboy in the 1950s, horny straight men had to get their jollies through advertising that was suggestive. These ads included the labels affixed to the ends of wooden crates of fruits and vegetables. (Keep in mind that the open crates were placed right on the store shelves--no fancy point-of-sale displays that you see in today's supermarkets.) Growers and distributors got the idea that they could sell more perishables to grocers if they used sex on the labels. Why? Housewives usually did the shopping back then, so that can't be the reason. But male grocers? They might enjoy seeing sexy female images on the crates. So, if the grocer has only a limited amount of shelf space, why not choose a crate that he finds attractive?

And they grew apples in Hawaii?

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