Monday, August 13, 2012


Many years ago, I bought an attractive metal re-creation of the "Gaycock" label. Purportedly it was a design from a old-time wooden packing crate that was used to ship produce from farm or grove to the customer. Copies of the design, in paper form, are sold all over the Internet. The design seems authentic--but is it? One observer has said paper copies of the label are so commonplace that it's hard to believe that so many exist in excellent condition in 2012. After all, these labels would have been printed prior to the 1950s or earlier. Maybe they are reprints? Perhaps. But I couldn't find anything on the distributor's name shown on the label, "Stanley Levinson Co." Perhaps the company went out of business long before the Internet age. So, I am left to wonder: Was there really ever a Gaycock brand?

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