Friday, June 29, 2012

Body painting at the World Naked Bike Ride

Body painting is an integral element of the World Naked Bike Ride. Some riders use paint to decorate their bodies with political messages and beautiful designs. Others do it simply because it's fun. Body painting gives spectators an opportunity to smile or laugh or learn.

Some riders paint every square inch of their body. Don’t worry about the “Goldfinger” effect—the thought that cladding someone in golden paint will suffocate the body by preventing the skin from “breathing.” 'Taint so. The paint used by riders is nontoxic and applied only as a thin barrier. Skin can perspire through the paint. As you can see, a lot of riders are fully coated yet suffer no untoward effects while riding.

So I present some delightful bodies. Unless otherwise noted, these images were captured at the 2012 Naked Bike Ride.


Superheroes and Villains

I think this gent took part in the  2010 Summer Solstice in Seattle

Well-clad naked men

Making a statement

A Philadelphia Phillies fan. From last year's Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride.

I neglected to ask about his "Don't Tread on Me" lettering. Was it meant as a Tea Party slogan or a statement about aggressive drivers on the road? The latter, I'm sure. Tea Party people have pudgy bellies. I took this photo at the event.

Striking colors

Blue Man took part several years ago; I don't know where.

I captured him at  the 2011 Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride.
These handsome lads prep for last year's  Philadelphia event.

Smiles, handprints and geometry

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